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Is The Glue Of Adhesive Packing Tape Harmful To The Human Body?

Jan. 07, 2019 | 16:50:46

Adhesives used by Adhesive Packing Tape manufacturers are very low in toxicity and have no side effects on the human body. The main raw material of the tape is PVC, which is PVC, which has a pungent smell and is very corrosive. PVC is also the kind of material outside our general wire, and the stimulation of poor quality PVC. The taste is very heavy, and the harm to the human body is also great, so use tape to choose good quality. The high temperature environment is very unsuitable for the survival of the tape, because the temperature is too high, it will cause the adhesive on the tape to become very soft. Moreover, the viscosity will gradually degrade, and eventually the tape will not stick, and it will become a waste product. If these batches of huge amounts of tape are a big damage to the Adhesive Tape Suppliers. Even if the storage environment is very suitable for tape storage requirements, but remember to flip them regularly so that they are breathable and don't stick together.

First of all, the production of non-slip tape is generally a double-sided tape coating process. When the tape is pulled out from the coater, it needs to be exported by a roller. If the surface of the guide roller is not specially treated, the glue will be combined with the roller. Adhesion occurred. Then, the surface of the roller is generally coated with a low surface energy material to prevent the occurrence of blocking.

In addition, the production of non-slip tape, one side coated with a durable adhesive, can be firmly attached to the surface of the take-up roll; the other side is a special low surface energy rubber, which can effectively prevent the adhesive from bonding.

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