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Installation And Commissioning Of Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Machine

Jul. 31, 2018 | 10:17:00

1.Clean and level the site before installing the adhesive tape manufacturing machine (best after hardening).

2. Place the front frame, intermediate frame, and rear frame on the floor (horizontal line) without sloshing and centering the center in a straight line. Attach the drive shaft to the drive of the front, rear and rear frames with M8 bolts.

3. Place the oven on the rack and keep it horizontal, stable and secure so that the oven exhaust fan end is connected to the rear frame (gluing).

4.Place the power distribution cabinet of adhesive tape slitting machine at the side of the front frame (finished product winding) for easy operation. Connect to the external power supply and connect the ground wire before commissioning.

5.Chains, sprockets, bearings, reducers, lubricated or grease lubricated. 6.Adjust the level of each of the median rolls, unwinding rolls, winding rolls, etc., and the axes are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the direction of tape movement.

5. Adjust the gears, pulleys and sprocket to precise position, flexible rotation and no blockage.

8.The connecting bolts should be fastened and reliable, and should not be loose.

Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Machine

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