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Requirements for Preservation And Transportation Of BOPP Jumbo Roll

Aug. 29, 2018 | 17:06:53

The storage of the BOPP Jumbo Roll should avoid exposure to sunlight and rain, and avoid contact with acid and alkali substances, keep it clean and dry, and place it in rolls. Different kinds and different specifications cannot be put together.

When loading and unloading the conveyor belt, it is best to use a crane and use a rigging with a beam to hoist smoothly to avoid damage to the belt edge. Do not load and unload it arbitrarily, causing a loose roll. The conveyor belt joints are preferably thermally vulcanized to improve reliability and maintain high effective strength. The transport roller diameter of the conveyor and the minimum pulley diameter of the conveyor belt shall comply with the relevant regulations. Do not let the tape snake or creep, keep the roller, the vertical roller is flexible, and the tension is moderate. Wear of the tape should be avoided when the conveyor is equipped with a baffle and a cleaning device. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the Colored Shipping Tape. Foreign substances can affect the belt eccentricity, tension difference, and even breakage. When the tape is found to have early damage during use, it is necessary to find the cause and repair in time to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

BOPP Jumbo Roll

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