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Judging The Quality Of Colored Carton Sealing Tape

Apr. 23, 2019 | 16:23:19

Colored Carton Sealing Tape is one of the main products of tape manufacturers. It is also often used in our lives. How should we distinguish the quality of it? The following bopp sealing tape will give you a brief introduction:

Pay attention to check whether the sealing tape is smooth or wrinkle-free. Under normal circumstances, the sealing tape just produced can see bubbles. This is due to the production environment, but after one week, the bubbles will basically Disappear, so don't worry. The high-quality sealing tape has a smooth appearance without any white spots, and its appearance is also smooth and smooth without any wrinkles. If it is a sealing tape with impurities, there are many irregularly scattered white spots, and the hand pressure will not disappear. This kind of don't buy.

When judging whether the Carton Sealing Tape is sticky or not, you can use tape to stick the item and then quickly open it to see the holding force. Repeat the posting for a few times and then touch it until the viscosity drops significantly. After comparison, the good viscosity will be better than the quality. Almost less wearable and more durable.

Colored Carton Sealing Tape

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