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Development Of Adhesive Tape Machine Use Roll

Jul. 17, 2018 | 16:13:17

In recent years, China's heavy duty packing tape machine use rollindustry has shown a sustained, rapid and stable development with the development of social economy. The output and sales of adhesives continue to grow at a high speed. At present, domestic adhesive products are mainly medium and low-grade adhesives, and the production capacity of some adhesive products (such as general-purpose products) has exceeded market demand, and the market competition is fierce.

With the development of new energy, electronic appliances, machinery, automobiles, aerospace and other industries, the market demand for high-performance, high-quality adhesive tape machine use roll products is still expanding, and internationally renowned chemical companies have strategically transferred related production equipment and technology to Mainland China, and occupy a large share of the domestic high-end adhesive market.

According to the information released by the China Adhesives and Adhesive Tape Industry Association, the average annual growth rate of the adhesive and adhesive tape industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period will be around 8%, and will limit some of the highly polluting and energy-intensive solvent-based tapes. The development of the focus is on the development of environmentally friendly and functional hot-melt tapes and water-based tapes. Efforts to make the industry products more high-end, functional, and enter the aviation, military, electronics and other fields.

Adhesive Tape Machine Use Roll

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