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Features Of Adhesive Tape Making Machine

Sep. 01, 2018 | 09:34:35

1. Primer and front coating of Adhesive Tape Making Machine are completed once to improve the work rate.

2. Multi-stage imported variable frequency stepless speed change and magnetic powder tension control.

3. The oven has various heating modes, multi-point temperature control, and the transmission wheel is crawler-type power transmission.

4. The oven is equipped with a solvent concentration detection alarm system that is safe and reliable.

5. Receive small rolls without stopping the machine and automatically change the volume.

6. With forced cooling mechanism, the product is flat and not deformed.

7. The center surface is taken up and taken up.

Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Machine features:

The necessary functions such as cutting, printing, coating, drying, slitting, winding, unwinding, and dividing are one machine, and the product specifications can be formed once, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Adhesive Tape Making Machine

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