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Is Self Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll The Thicker The Better?

Nov. 22, 2018 | 00:00:00

Some people want to buy stationery tape with good adhesion, so specially choose a thick stationery tape, but the thicker it is, the more sticky it is. The thicker the stationery tape, the better? The Adhesive Tape Slitting And Rewinding Machine Factory below will explain the thickness and adhesion.

Stationery tape is thicker and thicker in a certain range, but it is too thick and sticky will not increase. The thicker the rubber layer in a certain range, the better the wetting of the stationery tape and the rough surface, and the larger the contact area, the stronger the viscosity.

However, after a certain thickness range, although the thickness is increasing, the contact area of the surrounding structure will not increase any more, and the viscosity will tend to be stable.

Therefore, the Self Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll is not as thick as possible. Specifically, we still have to look at the situation so that we can buy the type we want.

Self Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll

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