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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Acrylic Packaging Tape?

Jan. 10, 2019 | 00:00:00

1. Measure the tension of the Acrylic Packaging Tape: Pull out a part of the tape and open it with a hand to see if it can withstand strong pulling.

2, smell odor: see if the sealing tape has a considerable acid smell, if there is inferior tape coated by inferior glue.

3, look at the color: whether it is yellow with the naked eye, this BOPP material is poor, ordinary light yellow and white is better, indicating less impurities, high purity, the corresponding toughness is large.

4. Measuring the adhesiveness of the sealing tape: Generally, the manual test can be carried out. Pull a roll of tape and stick it on the carton and then tear it off. See if the carton paper is peeled off together. If you tear it together, it will prove that the adhesive force of the tape can be used. The palm test tape viscosity must be tested on the carton.

5, measuring the length and width of the BOPP Packing Tape: the tape is difficult to measure due to the length, so many tape lengths in the market have false reporting phenomenon, the same thickness of the tape, will also be due to paper tube thickness, size, winding tightness and other factors The length of use is different, so it is still necessary to actually operate before you can feel the durability of the tape.

6. Measuring the thickness of the sealing tape: Generally, the thickness of the tape on the market is 40u-60u (the thickness of the glue teaching BOPP film), of course, the price is also very different. The 60u tape is very thick, but in the case of the same meat thickness, the length is short, and the 40u tape is long, but it is very thin and easy to break.

Acrylic Packaging Tape

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