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The Development Trend Of The Adhesive Industry

Aug. 08, 2018 | 00:00:00

1, the product meets environmental protection requirements

With the strengthening of the public's environmental awareness and the increasingly sound environmental regulations in China, Self Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll that are safe and practical and meet international environmental standards are in the mainstream.

2, the technical content is improved

Technological innovation and performance improvement are the development direction of the adhesive industry. Manufacturers will also adjust to high-tech content. The focus is on improving acrylic solvent-based adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, epoxy adhesives, optical and photosensitive adhesives, and pressure. Various adhesive properties such as sensitive adhesive and silicone.

3, BOPP Packing Tape Jumbo Roll update and speed up

The international adhesive market is developing steadily, the speed of technological innovation is getting faster, the new technologies and products are being born, and the adhesive industry is constantly being updated, and the application fields will continue to expand.

4, the competition tends to be fierce

Generally speaking, the developed markets in Europe and the United States are relatively mature, while the Asia-Pacific region, which is in rapid development, especially the “world factory” China has maintained economic growth rate of more than 8% for many years. The BOPP Tape Jumbo Roll market is expanding and competition is becoming more and more intense. The rise in oil prices and fluctuations in exchange rates have intensified competition among raw materials for many manufacturers. Many large-scale adhesive companies in Europe and the United States are looking for agents, setting up offices or directly building factories in Asia-Pacific. It is foreseeable that the price of conventional adhesive products will be in the future. It will continue to fall, and the profit growth will be concentrated on new products with high technology content.

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